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Vulpix, I Choose You: Japan’s Latest Pokemon Jet Is A Boeing 767

On Monday, regional Japanese carrier Air Do (formerly Hokkaido International Airlines) unveiled a brand new aircraft livery. Dressing up one of their Boeing 767-300ERs with a new look, the jet is now officially a Pokemon aircraft with the Vulpix character painted across the fuselage and tail.

Air Do is a regional airline based in Japan’s northern city of Sapporo. Photo: Air Do

The “Rockon Jet”

Named “Rockon Jet,” the aircraft features the Pokemon character Vulpix, which, in Japan, is called Rockon. One side features the normal Vulpix while the other side displays the Alolan form – an “ice-type character,” to be precise.

According to Twinfinite, the aircraft with the special livery is a 767-300ER registered as JA607A. The plane will come from partner airline ANA (All Nippon Airways), which has operated it since it was delivered brand new from Boeing in August 2002.

Twinfinite notes that the airline plans to fly this aircraft, in its special Pokemon livery, for five years. For passionatePokemon planespotters, Air Do intends to set up a dedicated website to show the routes the aircraft will operate.

special inflight experience

The aircraft was previously configured with 10 seats in business class and 260 in economy. However, when it enters service on December 1st with Air Do, we can expect that its configuration will be more in line with the other aircraft of the fleet- a single-class layout with 288 economy class seats. Every seat will have a headrest cover decorated with the pokemon character.

The special branding and themes don’t stop there, however. Indeed, flight attendants will wear Vulpix aprons and will even serve drinks in Vulpix paper cups. The airline will also make available special Vulpix postcards and stickers for travelers wanting a special souvenir from their Air Do Pokemon experience.

Shown here are the two different sides of the Boeing 767-300ER aircraft registered JA607A. Photo: Air Do

Who is Air Do?

Founded in November of 1996, Air Do was initially set up in Sapporo as Hokkaido International Airlines. The airline’s business model came into being when Japan’s Ministry of Transport relaxed restrictions and allowed for greater competition in the airline industry, authorizing new carriers to offer regular domestic flights.

The carrier, which calls itself “the Wings of HOKKAIDO,” connects the Japanese islands of Hokkaido and Honshu, with the most robust route being its Tokyo-Sapporo service. In February 2003, the airline began domestic codesharing with ANA on this route, which is one of Japan’s busiest domestic corridors.

The airline adds that it offers flights connecting six cities in Hokkaido to Haneda Airport and other locations in Honshu, operating a total of 30 round-trip flights on 10 routes.

As of April 1st, 2021, the airline had 1,007 employees. At the moment, its fleet consists of 13 aircraft: Five Boeing 767-300s and eight Boeing 737-700s. Shortly, the airline will take an additional two 767s from ANA, one of which will, of course, be the Rockon Jet.

What do you think of Air Do’s upcoming Pokemon livery? Have you ever flown on an aircraft with a special livery? Let us know by leaving a comment.