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Viva Colombia Prepares To Fly To Argentina

The Colombian low-cost carrier Viva is close to flying to Argentina. According to local reports, the airline has received authorization to launch a couple of routes between both countries, connecting Medellín with Buenos Aires and Cordoba. What else do we know? Let’s investigate further.

Viva wants to fly from Medellin to Buenos Aires and Cordoba in Argentina. Photo: Viva

Viva Colombia’s plans in Argentina

Viva (formerly known as Viva Air) requested permission for flights to Argentina back in May. The low-cost carrier is expanding its international reach, using the Medellin International Airport as a low-cost connecting hub.

Viva filed a permission with the Colombian Civil Aviation National Authority (Aerocivil). The airline was looking for authorization to fly from Medellin to Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Medellin and Buenos Aires’ distance is 3,027 miles, while Medellin and Cordoba are closer, 2,682 miles. Viva would use its Airbus A320ceo and neo fleet to connect these two countries.

Viva Colombia filed permission to operate one daily flight on both routes. Now, the South American media outlet is reporting that Aerocivil approved Viva’s filing. While the airline still has to publish an official statement on the subject, the two new routes would increase Viva’s international connectivity by nearly 30%. Additionally, Viva is aiming to launch more routes from Medellin to other South American countries.

So, when could we see Viva flying to Argentina? In June, Viva’s CEO, Felix Antelo, said that the plan was to launch the two new routes in 2022.

Viva Colombia
Could we see Viva flying to Argentina in early 2022? Photo: Viva.

Viva Colombia’s big plans in South America

Recently, the Colombian low-cost said to Simple Flying,

“The routes from Medellin to Argentina are part of a route pool that we’ve evaluated under the scope of our great project ‘Hub Medellín.’ This project puts Medellin as a privileged city to reach the whole American continent as the main connection hub. Additionally, these are just two of the nearly 15 routes we’re planning for the next three years.”

So, where else is Viva aiming to fly?

Viva Colombia wants to turn Medellin into a low-cost hub. It aims to perform similarly to Copa Airlines in Panama’s Tocumen International Airport, but with lower costs. Therefore, Viva Colombia is looking for authorization from Aerocivil to launch flights to Brazil, Chile, and Costa Rica.

On July 14, the airline filed a document to launch six new international routes. These flights would be:

Medellin-Santiago de Chile. One daily flightBogota-Santiago de Chile. One daily flightMedellin-Sao Paulo Guarulhos. One daily flightMedellin-Rio de Janeiro Galeão. One daily flightBogota-Sao Paulo Guarulhos. One daily flightMedellin-San José (Costa Rica). One daily flight.
Viva A320neo
Viva currently flies to Lima, Mexico City, Cancun, Orlando, and Miami. Photo: Viva

rgentina’s current travel restrictions

Viva’s plans to fly to Argentina may face some delay because of Argentina’s current travel restrictions. The South American country has one of the strictest restrictions worldwide.

For instance, Argentina doesn’t allow the entrance of foreign visitors at the moment. Moreover, it only permits 16,100 international travelers per week (all of them must be Argentinians or international residents).

Going forward, Argentina may establish a safe tourism corridor but only with Chile and Uruguay, two countries with whom it shares a border. Finally, the International Air Transport Association has urged the government to work with the industry to reopen the borders.

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