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Updated individual playback in the Flightradar24 app

In the latest updates to our iOS and Android app, we’ve made some upgrades to individual flight playback. We’ve added additional information about the aircraft and flight performance and made it easier to see only the data you want to see. You can access individual flight playback by searching for a flight number or aircraft registration and tapping Playback on any flight listing.

New format, new information

When you first open playback you’ll see the flight path and the playback time line.

Swipe up on the center bar in the time line once to open up the updated aircraft and flight information panel. This panel now includes the ICAO equipment code and registration as well as the full aircraft type for the flight. Calibrated altitude, ground speed, vertical speed, and track are also available.

Playback screen showing timeline plus flight information panel after swiping up on the main bar in the center of the time line

Swipe up once more to reveal the speed and altitude graph for the flight.

Playback screen showing timeline, flight info panel, and speed and altitude graph

Sharing playback

To share a flight from inside playback, just tap the share icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Example of Android version of individual flgiht playback

Let us know what you think of the new cleaner format with additional flight information!

Looking to see all flights at once?

If you’d like to rewind global air traffic, use our Playback feature on the main page.

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