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Say hello to the new Bookmarks widget

We’re proud to release our new Bookmarks widget for the Flightradar24 web platform. You can now bookmark individual aircraft, flights, airports, and locations and quickly access them in the new widget panel on the left side of the screen. All the Bookmarks features available now on the web will be coming to the apps in the coming months.

Introducing the Bookmarks widget

You’ll find the new Bookmarks widget on the left hand side of the screen on You can also enable it in the Widgets menu in the bottom toolbar. From here you can also toggle or adjust the display order of any of the included widgets, like Most tracked flights, Last clicked flights, Statistics and more. Bookmarks are available to all users with an account. Basic users can add one (1) bookmark, Silver users can add 10, Gold users 25, and Business users 60. Users with previous locations bookmarks will find them available under the Locations tab already.

With the Bookmarks widget, you can bookmark an aircraft, flight number, airport, or location and quickly access flight tracking or detailed information about each. To add a bookmark, click Add bookmark in the Bookmarks widget or select a flight and then click the unfilled star ✩ icon at the top of the flight information panel. After setting your bookmark, you’ll see the star filled in ⭐️.

Add Bookmark via the Flight info panel

Aircraft bookmark panel

Bookmarking aircraft

When bookmarking an aircraft, you’ll have quick and easy access to your favorites under the Aircraft tab. All aircraft will show the registration and aircraft type at all times in the bookmark list. Aircraft that are currently flying will display the route, flight number, and call sign. Aircraft not flying will list where the aircraft is currently located. When adding an aircraft bookmark, begin typing the aircraft registration to select from a list of options or enter the full registration and click on the aircraft to save. You can sort bookmarked aircraft by alphabetical order, last added, or status (live/not live). Clicking on a live flight will take you to that flight. Clicking on an aircraft that is not live will take you to that aircraft’s data page.


Flight bookmark panel
Bookmarking flights

Bookmarking a flight is similar to an aircraft. Enter the full or partial flight number and select the flight from the list. Live flights will display the flight number, which aircraft and aircraft type are operating the flight, the flight route, and the estimated time of arrival. For flights not currently active, you’ll see a ‘Currently not tracked’ message. You can sort and view flight bookmarks in the same way as aircraft.


Airport bookmark panel
Bookmarking airports

Airport bookmarks display the airport name, IATA and ICAO codes, current time, time zone, and current weather conditions. To add an airport bookmark, choose Add bookmark and enter the city or airport name or the airport’s IATA or ICAO code. Once added, clicking on an airport bookmark will center the map on that airport and bring up the airport’s information panel on the map. You can sort airport bookmarks by airport name, IATA code, or last added.


Bookmarking locations

Locations are areas on the map that you control. Choose a location on the map and zoom to the preferred level and choose Add bookmark and give the location a name. The area currently visible on the map will be bookmarked. You can sort location bookmarks by name or last added.

Add a location in the Bookmark widget

Editing bookmarks

To remove a bookmark, hover over the bookmark in the list and click the trash can icon or when following a flight, click on the filled star at the top of the flight information panel.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know how you’re using Bookmarks in the comments below or contact us with any questions.

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