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Norway’s Flyr Eyes The Boeing 737 MAX

Norway’s Flyr has signed a letter of intent to lease six Boeing 737 MAX 8s with options for a further four. The startup airline sealed the deal with Air Lease Corporation, and deliveries are due to commence in early 2022.

Fly has signed a letter of intent to lease six Boeing 737 MAX 8s with options for another four. Photo: Flyr

“The decision to choose the latest generation of brand-new Boeing aircraft is in line with the authorities’ goal of a more sustainable development in aviation,” Flyr’s Chief Executive Officer Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid said in a statement.

“At the same time, we are happy to deliver on customers’ desire to fly the latest aircraft with the lowest emissions. The new aircraft type contributes on average with an emission saving of up to 14% compared to previous models.”

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Flyr chooses the sustainable option

Based at Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport, Flyr only operated its first commercial flight in June. The airline currently has a fleet of three leased Boeing 737-800s. The first of those planes only arrived at Flyr in May. All three planes have an estimated end lease date of 2026.

“We are pleased that Flyr has decided to transition to the 737-8 as it continues to grow its fleet. The 737-8 will help Flyr reduce its operating costs by cutting fuel consumption and lowering noise and CO2 emissions,” said Ricardo Cavero, Vice President Europe Sales & Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The freshly minted airline says sustainability is a key part of its operations, and it will always choose the most climate-friendly options. The MAXs low emission rate appears to be a significant factor in Flyr’s decision to go with the aircraft type.

Drumming home the green airline message, Flyr says they are the only airline in Norway that offsets 100% of its emissions under the EU Emissions Trading System. The airline contrasts this with other domestic airlines in the region, who regularly get significant exemptions regarding emission allowances.

“Choosing brand new aircraft shows that Flyr takes sustainability and comfort seriously. This is the right choice for the future, both from a technology and environmental perspective,” says Espen Poulsen from the Flyr Pilot Association.

Flyr says emissions from the MAX 8 are 14% less than comparable previous-generation aircraft. Photo: Boeing

clean and green message from Flyr

That very Nordic clean and green messaging is a clever branding exercise by Flyr. The airline is attempting to gain traction in a market seriously shaken by the Norwegian fiasco. Like so many airlines executives working in this part of the world, Flyr’s CEO Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid previously worked for Norwegian. As is the case with Norse Atlantic, many punters believe these new Norwegian airlines utlising the same pool of airline executives is a case of same shtick, different branding.

Naturally Flyr’s CEO disagrees. She says Flyr is Norway’s “new and responsible airline.” Flyr’s business is based on the Norwegian model with permanent and direct employment based on collective bargaining agreements and extensive involvement of employees.

Flyr’s CEO Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid. Photo: Kilian Munch / Flyr

Perhaps that’s why Flyr’s employee unions are all loudly backing the deal with Air Lease. In addition to the pilots union, the flight attendants union is also onboard.

“These new planes have clear customer onboard advantages, not least due to lower noise on board and a better cabin environment,” said Robin Dybvik from Flyr Cabin Association.

Air Lease will begin delivering the first 737 MAX 8s in the first half of next year. Delivery of the four optioned aircraft is tentatively slated for  2023.

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