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LATAM Brazil Takes Its First Boeing 787 Dreamliner

This week, LATAM Brazil received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner, coming from its Chilean sister. The widebody will help LATAM push its long-haul connectivity from the Brazilian market, following the surprising lease rejection of the former Airbus A350XWB fleet. Let’s investigate further.

LATAM Brazil received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

How did we get here?

Earlier this year, LATAM Airlines Group surprised everyone by rejecting the leasing contracts of its Airbus A350XWB fleet. The oldest of these planes was only six years old. The decision took a toll on LATAM Brazil, which was the branch that operated the Airbus widebodies.

LATAM Brazil had a capacity gap in its long-haul fleet. On one side, it had nine Boeing 767-300s with a capacity for 221 passengers; on the other, it had ten B777 for 410 passengers, meaning there was a 189 seat difference.

This led LATAM to send some of its 25 Boeing 787 Dreamliners from Chile to Brazil to address the issue. But, before doing that, the Brazilian civil aviation authorities (ANAC) had to issue a Type Certification for the 787, allowing local operators to use the model. We wrote about the subject in Simple Flying en Español.

The airline also had to launch a new training for its crews. As LATAM Brazil captain and instructor, Celso Giannini Oliveira wrote,

“The certification process along ANAC of the B787 fleet into JJ-LATAM Brazil is motivation and a career opportunity for our crews. It is also an important step towards efficiency and sustainability. An important push for the Brazilian aeronautical industry.”

LATAM boeing 787-9
LATAM has a fleet of 25 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Which aircraft LATAM Brazil received?

So, the process of certifying the Dreamliner in Brazil has gone smoothly. This week, the Brazilian branch received its first B787, as reported by local media outlet Aeroin.

The first jet had the Chilean registration CC-BGO. Now, it has changed to a Brazilian registration, PS-LAA, as reported by ch-aviation’s database.

PS-LAA is a Boeing 787-9 delivered on November 13, 2019, which is under two years old. It is currently receiving maintenance at Fortaleza Pinto Martins International Airport.

The aircraft owner is Yamasa Sangyo; LATAM has it on an operating lease until approximately 2031. The plane has 303 seats divided in 2019 for economy, 54 for economy plus, and 30 for business. PS-LAA has a market value of approximately US$99 million, according to ch-aviation and Collateral Verifications LLC.

The airline wants to lease five more Dreamliners. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

LATAM wants more 787 Dreamliners

It is currently unknown how many Dreamliners LATAM Brazil will receive from LATAM Chile. We reached the airline’s management for comment, but we haven’t received a response so far. We’ll keep you updated if that changes. Also, it is uncertain when the Brazilian airline will start using its new plane.

In the meantime, LATAM wants to grow its Boeing 787 Dreamliner total fleet. Earlier this month, the company received authorization from the US Bankruptcy Court to enter into lease agreements for five Dreamliners.

LATAM will lease these aircraft from Avolon Aerospace Leasing and Orix Aviation. All these aircraft previously flew with Norwegian Air and have between 2.39 and 4.31 years old.

The new lease agreements have favorable power by the hour-based rent, among other benefits for LATAM.

Are you excited about flying the 787 Dreamliner onboard LATAM Brazil’s fleet? Let us know in the comments.