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KLM Targets Responsible Flying With New Advertising Campaign

KLM has launched a new advertising campaign to discuss sustainable travel. The campaign includes a TV spot that will run into the new year highlighting KLM’s focus on responsible flying in the future. Let’s find out more about what KLM has planned for 2022 and beyond.

KLM is one of many carriers that is facing pressure to reduce its impact on the environment in the coming decade. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying


From December 7th to January 9th, KLM will be running an ad campaign to highlight its ‘Fly Responsibly’ program. As aviation slowly begins to recover, the Dutch flag carrier is making sustainability a key part of its branding, highlighting how it plans to reach net-zero carbon emissions in under three decades.

Here’s a look at the TV spot:

So what exactly does KLM have planned, and why is the airline emphasizing this topic now?

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Big goals

KLM has set its targets in line with the Paris Accords, aiming to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 to prevent more irreversible climate damage. These goals vary by airline, with the Lufthansa Group, for instance, planning to slash its net emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach neutrality at the same time as KLM.

To achieve this, the airline is investing in a few crucial technologies. One of these is the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). KLM says that using SAFs like synthetic kerosene can slash CO2 emissions by up to 85% compared to current fossil fuels.

KLM Targets Responsible Flying With New Advertising Campaign
Biofuels will play a key role in bringing down the aviation industry’s emissions without a complete overhaul of aircraft engineering. Photo: Getty Images

However, producing SAF is an expensive process, and creating a major supply chain will take time. Currently, 0.18% of KLM’s fuel usage is sustainable, 57 times more than a decade ago. But the airline plans to increase this figure to 10% by 2030, double what some competitors have pledged.

This will be made possible in part by a new biofuel plant being set up by KLM and SkyNRG in the Netherlands, which will employ used cooking oil and other industrial residues.

For passengers

While airlines have a big role to play, the question of individual travelers’ impact on the environment is a pressing one too. Like many carriers, KLM also runs a carbon offset program known as CO2ZERO and has been doing so for nearly a decade. The service allows passengers to pay a fee to compensate for their environmental impact when flying.

European airlines have also spotlighted alternate transport options available to passengers. As a condition of COVID bailout packages, Air France-KLM has to scrap flights on domestic routes under two hours (with some exceptions). Therefore, KLM is now promoting trains as an alternative on busy routes such as Amsterdam to Brussels, noting that flights actually take longer than trains too.

Passengers have the chance to offset their emissions before or after their flight, but not all of them choose to. Photo: Getty Images

As travel slowly recovers, airlines are doubling down on attracting passengers and easing concerns about their environmental impact. If this will work remains to be seen.

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