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India lifts 737 MAX grounding

India has rescinded its order grounding the 737 MAX, clearing the way for airlines in India to operate the aircraft as soon as the required updates and maintenance procedures are complete. SpiceJet is the only Indian airline that currently operates the 737 MAX.

India clears the 737 MAX

In the order, issued 26 August by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Indian regulators lift the ban on 737 MAX flights by Indian airlines once they have complied with all of the requirements in the return to service airworthiness directive issued by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. Foreign operators of the aircraft wishing to fly in India will need to comply only with the FAA issued airworthiness directive.

Read the full order by the Indian DGCA

Tracking the 737 MAX in India

SpiceJet is the only Indian airline with the 737 MAX in their fleet. SpiceJet took delivery of 13 737-8 MAX before the aircraft was grounded and has 129 additional MAX on order. Boeing has stored at least eight completed aircraft for SpiceJet at its facility in Moses Lake, Washington.

REGISTRATIONAIRCRAFT TYPESERIAL NUMBER (MSN)AGELOCATIONVT-MAXBoeing 737 MAX 8606442 yearsDELVT-MXABoeing 737 MAX 8645052 yearsCCUVT-MXBBoeing 737 MAX 8645062 yearsDELVT-MXCBoeing 737 MAX 8606452 yearsMAAVT-MXDBoeing 737 MAX 8649382 yearsDELVT-MXEBoeing 737 MAX 8649392 yearsBLRVT-MXFBoeing 737 MAX 8645072 yearsBOMVT-MXGBoeing 737 MAX 8645082 yearsAMDVT-MXHBoeing 737 MAX 8606462 yearsDELVT-MXIBoeing 737 MAX 8649402 yearsHYDVT-MXJBoeing 737 MAX 8645092 yearsAMDVT-MXKBoeing 737 MAX 8602242 yearsDELVT-MXLBoeing 737 MAX 8602232 yearsMWHVT-MXMBoeing 737 MAX 8602252 yearsMWHVT-MXNBoeing 737 MAX 8602262 yearsMWHVT-MXOBoeing 737 MAX 8606502 yearsMWHVT-MXQBoeing 737 MAX 8606521 yearMWHVT-MXRBoeing 737 MAX 8606531 yearMWHVT-MXWBoeing 737 MAX 8606492 yearsMWHVT-MXXBoeing 737 MAX 8601842 yearsMAAVT-MXYBoeing 737 MAX 8601862 yearsMWH

Defunct Jet Airways also briefly operated the 737 MAX and at one point even had 225 on order.

Still awaiting re-certification

The largest outstanding certification hurdle for the 737 MAX is China, which was the first to ground the aircraft and seems like it will be last to re-certify it. The MAX also remains grounded in Russia, creating a large portion of the eastern hemisphere off limits to Boeing’s jet.

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