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Impressive: LATAM Transports 100 Million COVID-19 Doses For Free

During the last year, LATAM Airlines Group has carried over 100 million COVID-19 vaccines, free of charge, the airline recently said. LATAM has been contributing to overcome the pandemic throughout South America. Let’s investigate further.

LATAM Airlines Group has carried more than 100 million COVID-19 doses in South America. Photo: LATAM.

How has LATAM carried that many doses?

The LATAM Group has exceeded 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines transported free of charge within Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. At the end of June, the airline celebrated the 50 million vaccines milestone.

LATAM has been able to do so due to its Solidarity Plane project. This program provides “LATAM’s passenger and cargo transport free of charge transfers for the benefit of its South American inhabitants,” said the airline in a statement.

The Solidarity Plane project has more than ten years of history. According to the airline, it seeks to generate value in society through connectivity. Additional to the 100 million doses, LATAM has been able to mobilize more than 2,400 health professionals and patients with urgent medical needs. It has also carried more than 770 tons of cargo in the South American region, including medical supplies and vaccines.

Roberto Alvo, LATAM Airlines Group CEO, said,

“Each of LATAM’s collaborators is proud to be able to contribute to overcoming the pandemic. Today, we have transported the 100 millionth dose of the COVID vaccine for free. We will remain committed to making our connectivity available for the benefit of the lives and health of the people of South America.”

Aerolíneas Argentinas
Aerolíneas Argentinas has also been carrying many COVID-19 vaccines in the region. Photo: Getty Images.

Other Latin American airlines carrying COVID-19 vaccines

LATAM isn’t the only operator taking COVID-19 vaccines throughout the South American region.

For example, Aerolíneas Argentinas has also done a great job bringing home the COVID-19 vaccines. Up to August 31, Aerolíneas Argentinas has done 44 flights throughout the world, collecting doses against the disease.

According to the airline itself, it has carried nearly 30 million COVID-19 doses. Of this total, 12.2 million are Sputnik V vaccines, 12.87 million are Sinopharm, 3.5 million are Moderna, and 400,000 are AstraZeneca.

Pablo Ceriani, Aerolíneas Argentinas’ CEO, said,

“Each flight is important because it means that more people will be protected.Keep going forward with the vaccine rollout puts us closer towards exiting this crisis.” 

Argentina currently has one of the strictest travel restrictions in the region. It only allows 16,100 international travelers per week. We wrote about the subject in Simple Flying en Español.

Aerolíneas Argentinas
The airline industry has played a key role in distributing the vaccine. Photo: Getty Images.

How about worldwide?

Worldwide, the airline industry has been essential to carry the COVID-19 vaccines. For instance, Emirates has flown over 150 million doses, equivalent to more than 600 tons. The UAE-based airline has delivered the vaccines to more than 80 destinations on six continents.

Ethiopian Airlines recently delivered its 50 millionth vaccine dose. In August, IAG Cargo hit the 10 million vaccine milestone.

Likewise, other airlines that are working towards carrying the vaccine throughout the world are Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Aeromexico, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and more.

Finally, according to Bloomberg, more than 5.59 billion shots of COVID-19 vaccines have been given worldwide.

What do you think of LATAM Airlines Group’s efforts? Let us know in the comments.

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