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Emirates Brings Back Bavarian Catering For Oktoberfest

Over September and October, around six million people visit Munich for Oktoberfest each year. However, due to the rise of the global health crisis, the festivities have been scrapped for two years in a row. Nonetheless, Emirates is looking to keep traditions alive by serving special Bavarian culinary treats on its flights to Germany.

The initial Oktoberfest happened in 1810 to celebrate the marriage between Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony‑Hildburghausen, and Emirates is keen to carry on the legacy of the occasion. Photo: Emirates

Tasty offerings

Emirates flies to Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Hamburg from its Dubai base. Now, those flying on these services will enjoy a Bavarian main course and dessert until October 3rd.

First and business class passengers can tuck into leberkäs, which is a chicken and beef meatloaf. For dessert, those in first class can dine on an apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce, and those in business can opt for a bienenstich (bee sting cake). Meanwhile, economy class travelers will also be treated to leberkäs before finishing off with bienenstich cake.

Emirates takes pride in its culinary provisions. Photo: Emirates

strong German presence

The flag carrier of Dubai’s widebodies can be spotted all across Germany every day. With travel restrictions easing in Europe, additional flights are expected to operate in the region.

“Emirates currently offers two daily flights from Dubai to Frankfurt, daily connections to Munich as well as six weekly flights to Dusseldorf and five flights a week to Hamburg from its Dubai hub. The airline recently announced that it will ramp up its services to Germany with the beginning of the winter flight schedule at the end of October, with daily connections to Dusseldorf and Hamburg,” Emirates shares in a statement.

“The popular A380 flagship will then also make its return to these two cities. Emirates is scaling up services with additional route resumptions and more flights across its European network, responding to the easing of international entry protocols and an upsurge in passenger demand.”

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Speaking of the A380, Emirates has recently been mulling over the return of its Airbus A380 in Brazil. The superjumbo hasn’t been used on the São Paulo route for over a year.

Extra snacks, such as gingerbread hearts, Bavarian pastries, sandwiches, bretzels, and dips, can be found on the famous A380 lounge. Photo: Emirates

Upholding traditions

Emirates isn’t the only airline that has been gearing up for Oktoberfest. Lufthansa previously announced that it has been preparing for the return for its famous flights during the season. Each year, the flag carrier of Germany chooses flight attendants to make a “Trachtencrew” (costume crew), donning traditional Bavarian clothing.

The airline also has special provisions on board and in their lounges, such as special beer kegs that are customized to handle plane pressurization. Even during the height of the pandemic last year, it managed to keep the tradition going with special Airbus A350 flights to New York.

Altogether, even though Oktoberfest has been canceled for the second year in a row, it’s encouraging to see that airlines are keen to keep some sort of momentum going this autumn. Both Emirates and Lufthansa will undoubtedly be hoping to carry passengers to Germany to celebrate in person in 2022.

What are your thoughts about Emirates’ plans for Oktoberfest? Are you looking to fly with the airline soon? Let us know what you think of the carrier’s operations in the comment section.

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