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Boeing Clocks 5 New 737 MAX Orders From A New Customer

Today Boeing clocked a small order for its 737 MAX series of aircraft. Five Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft have been ordered by the aircraft lessor Griffin Global Asset Management. While seemingly unrelated, the order comes the same day that the aircraft was recertified to fly in Malaysian airspace.

Griffin has placed an order for five new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Boeing

The return of the Boeing 737 MAX is now really gathering pace. Since the Federal Aviation Administration recertified the aircraft in November, many airlines have brought the aircraft back into service. Many more Aviation authorities have given the jet the green light to return to the skies.

small order

Today Boeing revealed that it had clocked a small order for the Boeing 737 MAX. Griffin Global Asset Management has placed an order for five of the popular MAX 8 variant, making the first time that the lessor has ordered directly from Boeing.

At this moment in time, daily few details of the order are available. Boeing didn’t reveal how much the order was worth or when the first of the aircraft will be delivered. It did, however, reveal that the 737 MAX family has now received 529 orders so far this year. Considering only a handful of firm orders were placed while the aircraft was grounded, it shows that airlines and lessors have confidence in the type now that it has returned to service in most markets.

Boeing, Profit, 737 MAX
Boeing has received 529 MAX orders so far this year. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Commenting on the order, Ryan McKenna, Founder and CEO of Griffin, stated,

“As market conditions rebound, we are finding opportunities to serve our airline customers in innovative ways. An important component of this strategy is providing balanced capacity that meets returning passenger demand. The 737-8 is well-positioned to support this objective, and this order lays a strong foundation for more to come with Boeing and Griffin on future opportunities.”

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The 737 MAX is bouncing back

As mentioned, the Boeing 737 MAX has been on the rise ever since the FAA gave the green light for the jet’s return to service. Initially, the process was relatively slow, with aviation authorities showing caution with the type, but the return to service has gathered pace in recent weeks.

Ryanair, Malta Air, Boeing 737 MAX
Several new airlines have taken their first 737 MAX jets. Photo: Ryanair

By this point, many airlines have either returned the MAX to service or begun to fly the jet for the first time. As such, the plane is now being flown by more than 30 operators. This week we saw some significant gains in recertification for the jet too. First, India recertified the plane, a big step forwards as India is considered a major MAX market. While China has recently been flying the demonstrator MAX, the type remains grounded there for the time being. But just today, Malaysia gave the jet the green light to resume flights.

What do you make of the Griffin Boeing 737 MAX 8 order? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!

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