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AvTalk Episode 142: Everything you need to know about jet fuel, part 1

On this very full episode of AvTalk, we recount our travels back from Stockholm, go through the vast amount of news that came out this week—including breaking news BEFORE we recorded—and John Pitts and Richard Whitwell from eJet join us in part one of a two part interview to help us understand how the jet fuel system works around the world.

Traveling travails

Ian and Jason’s attempts to return home from Stockholm were complicated by everything from broken lavatories to frozen aircraft parts. Here’s how it all went down.

S7’s roller coaster ride

An S7 Airlines A321 departing Magadan at the beginning of December suffered an inflight upset shortly after take off after ice disrupted the aircraft’s computers. The crew was able to regain control and land the aircraft in Irkutsk. We break down what we know so far and where the investigation is headed.

Singapore signs on the for the A350F

Singapore Airlines has traded in orders for A320neo and A350 passenger aircraft for a septet of A350 freighters.

irbus brings out the lawyers

Airbus issued a statement last week that it is reviewing its legal options after what it calls the ‘ongoing mischaracterisation of non-structural surface degradation on its fleet of A350 aircraft by one of its customers’. We explain how the disagreement between Qatar Airways and Airbus escalated to this point.

Just a scapegoat

FAA officials have written to the US Department of Justice to argue that their case against former Boeing technical pilot Mark Forkner contains numerous errors. The officials argue Forkner is being scapegoated.

Everything you need to know about jet fuel, part 1

We’re joined by eJet International Managing Director John Pitts and business analyst Richard Whitwell to learn everything there is to know about how fuel makes it from the refinery to the wing. And in next week’s part two of our conversation, we’ll turn our attention to the challenges facing the ramp up and adoption of sustainable aviation fuel.

Qantas goes for Airbus

In a major defection, Qantas has ordered over 100 Airbus aircraft including A321XLRs and A220s to replace it’s current domestic fleet of Boeing 737s and 717s.

The A380’s heart (and soul)

The final test flight of a newly built A380 drew a large heart over Germany earlier this week.

Flightradar24 product updates

Bookmarks are now available on the web platform and coming to the app in the coming months. Plus, you can now use any map type on iOS single flight playback. Happy tracking!

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