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AvTalk Episode 141: China greenlights the 737 MAX

On this episode of AvTalk, we travel to Stockholm for a julbord, China’s aviation authorities put the 737 MAX on a path to return to service soon, and the A321XLR inches closer to flight.


Jason and Ian visit Stockholm to join the Flightrdar24 team for Julbord.

China greenlights the MAX

Chinese regulators gave the 737 MAX their blessing late last week, issuing and airworthiness directive that puts the aircraft back on the path to service in one of its largest markets.

The A220’s confused

An airBaltic A220 suffered a dual engine shut down on landing earlier this year and now investigators have the reason.

merican Airlines announces its new CEO

No surprises, but there was this entertaining video from Southwest CEO Gary Kelly.

321XLR finishes structural assembly

The A321XLR is closer to flight with the completion of structural assembly.

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