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AvTalk Episode 139: Catching up with airBaltic’s CEO and Chief Pilot

This week’s episode of AvTalk takes us back to the Baltic region for interviews with airBaltic’s CEO Martin Gauss and the airline’s chief pilot Gerhard Ramcke. Jason gets the week off and we mark the 50th anniversary of the hijacking of Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305.

Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305

On November 24, 1971, ‘Dan Cooper’ boarded flight 305 bound for Seattle and jumped into aviation history.

Catching up with airBaltic

In March, we talked with airBaltic CEO Martin Gauss about how his airline was managing through the pandemic. Gabriel Leigh recently sat down with Gauss again to see how thing are going now. Leigh also talks with airBaltic’s chief pilot Gerhard Ramcke about the switch to an all A220 fleet and how the airline has managed its pilot corps through the pandemic.

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