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AvTalk Episode 134: Nobody cares about number 2

On this episode of AvTalk, we look forward to the 8th of November, when international air travel to the US reopens to those around the world. We also check in on ITA Airways first week. Plus, the A380 is staging a bit of a comeback.

The US reopens to international travelers

On November 8, the United States will reopen to international travelers. Those arriving in the United States will need to provide proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test. We discuss how airlines are responding to the news.

ITA Airways takes off

Alitalia completed its final flight flight last week and ITA Airways took off the following day. The new airline won the tender for the Alitalia brand, but has decided to go in a different direction. We explain what’s happening in Italy.

Former Boeing pilot charged with fraud over 737 MAX

The US Department of Justice charged Mark Forkner, Boeing’s former chief technical pilot on the 737 MAX program, with fraud this week over his alleged actions on the 737 MAX program. We break down the indictment and what else we’re watching for.

The A380 is staging a comeback

The demise of the A380 may have been slightly exaggerated. We see which airlines are putting them back into service.

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