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AvTalk Episode 131: When pigs… stand next to a runway?

On this episode of AvTalk, we’re back at our desks, HNA is going to combine all its airlines, eVTOL orders to be interested in, and pigs!—but not the flying kind.

HNA Group to merge its airline portfolio

HNA Group will merge up to 10 of the carriers in its portfolio with flagship Hainan Airlines as part of its bankruptcy restructuring. We break down the financial aspects of the deal and see which airlines will be folded in.

Qatar Airways to reactivate at least 5 A380s

Qatar Airways will reactivate at least 5 of its A380s, even though it doesn’t really want to. We discuss the ongoing issues with Qatar Airways’ fleet that led to the A380s getting a new (temporary?) lease on life.

New special liveries

Emirates and Southwest Airlines both unveiled new special liveries this week. Emirates A380 A6-EEU wears a colorful Dubai Expo livery. Southwest’s 737-700 N954WN is now in a Disney World 50th anniversary livery.

Finnair recycles 99.2% of an A319

Finnair has managed to recycle 99.2% of an A319 and performed the entire operation in-house. We discuss what is hopefully the future of aircraft end-of-life operations.

Bristow continues eVTOL buying spree

Bristow has now committed to three different eVTOL manufacturers with orders for up to 200 aircraft over the past two months. We discuss why this might just be the eVTOL operator that can actually make it work.

DOJ and states sue JetBlue and American Airlines

American Airlines and JetBlue are facing a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice regarding their ‘Northeast Alliance’. We break down what’s happening and some possible reasons why the DOJ has gone after the tie-up and why it doesn’t make much sense.

Links Jason mentioned from Cranky Flier: here, and here.


We’ve discussed sheep, goats, llamas, and more as a means to keep grass and other hazards clear at airports around the world. But pigs keeping geese away is a new one.

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