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AvTalk Episode 129: A maddening report

On this episode of AvTalk, we get ready for a busy week of travel and the final report on Air India Express flight 1344 leaves us incredulous. Plus, there’s a new freighter in town.

‘Boeing’s Fatal Flaw’ Documentary

PBS and the New York Times have collaborated on a documentary looking at the development of the 737 MAX. We discuss the outline of the film and what to watch for.

ir India Express final report

Indian investigators released their final report regarding the runway overrun of Air India Express flight 1344 and the details a textbook example of compounding decisions leading to a disastrous result. We discuss some of the more egregious aspects of the flight and you can read the full, maddening report here.

Jet Airways returning?

It seems Jet Airways may finally have a plan to return to the skies by next year.

ITA, Alitalia, and Italy

European competition regulators have decided that ITA is not the same as Alitalia. We discuss the impacts of this decision on ITA’s prospects.

Special liveries to look out for

British Airways and Saudia (787 HZ-ARE and 777 HZ-AK28) have new special liveries that are worth keeping an eye out.

Mammoth Freighters

Mammoth Freighters is joining the 777 freighter conversion club with plans for full freighter conversions of the 777-200LR and 777-300ER. The first aircraft to be converted will be a former Delta Air Lines 777-200LR.

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