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AvTalk Episode 127: Getting into the boxes business

On this episode of AvTalk, the Kabul Airlift ends and the last US military aircraft leaves Afghanistan after a 20 year war Emirates brings forward its final A380 delivery. And Eastern Airlines is getting into the boxes business.

Kabul Airlift ends

The Kabul Airlift has ended with the final withdrawal of United States troops from the Kabul Airport, marking the end of the 20 year war in Afghanistan. We tally the final numbers from the airlift, discuss some of the curious flights and discuss what’s next for aviation in Afghanistan.

Eastern Air Cargo?

Our resident numbers expert Gavin Werbeloff joins us to discuss Eastern Airlines plans to develop a fleet of 777 express freighters.

Emirates gets ready for its last A380

Emirates is moving up its final A380 delivery from June 2022 to November of this year.

Nope, not a drone

An Envoy E175 that was originally though to have struck a drone departing Chicago turns out to have struck a balloon.

Delivery of the first COMAC C919 expected this year

China Eastern Airlines says they’ll take delivery of the first COMAC C919 by the end of this year.

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