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AvTalk Episode 126: The Kabul Airlift

On this episode of AvTalk, we discuss the ongoing Kabul Airlift, the activation of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet by the US Department of Defense and the other commercial airlines supporting evacuation efforts.

The Kabul Airlift

The United States and its coalition partners are engaged in a massive airlift out of Kabul. In addition to the military assets employed, dozens of airlines from all over the world are also helping move Afghan evacuees to safer locations. The US has even activated the Civil Reserve Air Fleet for just the third time in history. We break down the logistics of the airlift and what’s happened so far.

Death defying airlines

Alitalia is dead, long live Alitalia. And South African Airways is set to relaunch flights next month. We talk airlines that have more than nine lives.

More new airline vaccination policies

Additional airlines have mandated vaccination for their employees, while Delta Air Lines has decided to go a different route.

El Al removing WiFi that might break planes

El Al is removing WiFi radomes from some of its planes over fears that the installed equipment could lead to a structural failure of the aircraft.

737 cargo freighter door opens in flight

An AeroSucre 737-200 cargo aircraft returned to the airport shortly after the main cargo door opened in flight.

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