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AvTalk Episode 124: Get out your smelling salts

On this episode of AvTalk, the 737 MAX begins recertification flights in China, US airlines weigh vaccine mandates, and the law of unintended consequences hits airlines in the nose.

irlines weighing vaccine mandates

Airlines are split on whether to require employees get vaccinated and what happens if they choose not to. We discuss which major airlines have already made it mandatory and which have said they’ll go a different route.

737 MAX recertification flights in China

The 737 MAX test aircraft is in Shanghai now conducting flights as China moves closer to re-certifying the MAX. There’s still no public time frame for that, however.

Getting under Qatar’s skin

Qatari regulators ordered Qatar Airways to ground 13 Airbus A350s after finding accelerated degradation of the aircraft surface underneath the paint. EASA has weighed in saying they haven’t been able to determine there’s a problem.

Joby goes public

eVTOL manufacturer Joby became a publicly traded company this week. Go back to episode 122 to learn everything you need to know about eVTOL aircraft.

Get out your smelling salts

From the law of unintended consequences depart, airlines are asking US regulators to provide exemptions for their first aid kits as they begin to run low on required “smelling salts” or ammonia inhalants. The inhalants are required in each first aid kit on board an aircraft. Because of supply chain issues and a re-classification of the inhalants by the CARES Act, airlines are concerned they’ll run out of stock and be forced to cancel flights.

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