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AvTalk Episode 122: Everything you need to know about eVTOL aircraft

On this episode of AvTalk, we sit down with Elan Head, editorial director of to get a primer on the world of electric vertical take off and landing aircraft. Plus, Jason previews the new seaplane service from New York to Boston.

Jason’s Tailwind Tour

After our discussion last week about forthcoming seaplane service from New York to Boston, Jason took a quick demo flight with Tailwind Air in the Cessna 208EX around Manhattan.

330 days of the Condor

Condor will replace its ageing fleet of 767s with 16 A330neos set to arrive starting next fall.

Everything eVTOL with Elan Head

Elan Head, editorial director of, joins the show to give us an overview of the current electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing landscape including the proposed technologies, major players, and business cases. We also discuss the technical, regulatory, and public acceptance hurdles that eVTOLs face and how some companies are working to overcome those challenges.

Download and read Elan Head’s eVTOL primer


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