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Armenia’s New National Airline Will Be Called Fly Arna

The name of the new national airline of Armenia has been revealed as Fly Arna. It has been chosen among 500 entries received as part of the Name the Airline competition in July. Fly Arna is being launched by Air Arabia Group, among other investors, as a low-cost carrier.

Armenia is getting a new national airline: Fly Arna. Photo: Getty Images

rmenia’s new national airline gets a name

ANIF, the Armenian National Interest found, announced today that it had selected a name for the new national airline of Armenia: Fly Arna. The name was selected following a competition titled Name the Airline that ran in July this year, and which attracted over 500 suggestions.

Fly Arna will be launched as a joint venture between ANIF and Air Arabia Group, which runs the largest low-cost carrier airline in the Middle East and North Africa, Air Arabia. The name, Fly Arna, was selected by the Board of Directors of this joint venture.

David Papazian, CEO of ANIF, said the following:

“I thank everyone for the active participation in the contest. It is both inspiring and a sign of a shared vision of a successful endeavor we all aspire for the project.”

Furthermore, ANIF stated that the purpose of this competition was to engage the citizens of Armenia to participate in naming their new national airline, reflecting the commitment of ANIF and Air Arabia Group to promote stakeholder participation. It was also a straightforward way of promoting the launch of this new brand.

Meanwhile, Adel Al Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Arabia, said:

“The new name represents the aspirations of the people of Armenia and is the result of a national competition, underlining how the joint venture company prioritizes the interests of the community.”

Air Arabia
Air Arabia Group is involved. Photo: Getty Images

What will Fly Arna be like?

Fly Arna is not yet an airline because the company is yet to apply for an Air Operator Certificate. The company was launched as a joint venture in July 2021 when ANIF and Air Arabia Group announced that they had agreed to launch the new national airline for Armenia.

The company plans to do so in the coming weeks, and ANIF has promised to inform the public of the upcoming news surrounding the project, including the launch date, the fleet that it intends to start flying with, and the initial destination network.

So far, it is already known that Fly Arna will be a low-cost airline based in Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport (EVN). The airport has experience in being a LCC base.

Air Montenegro
Air Montenegro is another national airline launched in COVID-19. Photo: Air Montenegro

The pandemic has provided several startups

This is not the first airline to be launching during this pandemic. Some investors are launching new airlines because of the pandemic. Armenia’s new national airline is launching despite it.

David Papazian, CEO of ANIF, said the following:

“Despite the current challenges of the pandemic, we are confident of the new opportunity that exists for “Fly Arna” to deliver a winning proposition that will benefit the nation and our people.”

Meanwhile, Adel Al Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Arabia, said:

“Fly Arna” will mark the beginning of a new era for Armenia’s aviation sector and also create significant value to the economy by boosting the tourism, hospitality, and business sectors.”

What do you think Fly Arna will ultimately look like? Let us know in the comments.

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