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Airbus delivers the final A380

Airbus delivered the final A380 this week to Emirates, marking the end of a 16 year production run of 252 superjumbo aircraft. The aircraft (MSN 272) departed Airbus’ Hamburg facility bound for Dubai as the 123rd A380 in the Emirates fleet. The airline, by far the A380s best customer, has taken nearly 50 percent of the A380s delivered to a customer.

final goodbye

After lifting off, A6-EVS circled back for a low pass over the Finkenwerder runway. The pass was low enough that calibrated altitude (which is reported in 25 foot increments) reported 0 feet—even though the wheels never touched the runway.

A6-EVS Low Pass in Hamburg

Why fly the wrong way?

In a word: paperwork. To complete the financial paperwork attached to the delivery of the aircraft, it needs to be in UK airspace. So the flight headed into UK airspace for a very short period and then continued home.

irbus’ heartfelt goodbye

During the customer acceptance flight earlier this week, the aircraft drew a giant heart in the sky over Germany.

Heart-shaped flight path by Airbus A380 final flight test

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