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Air France Launches A New Menu For Premium Passengers

One of the things that Air France is most proud of is its inflight dining and the offering of fine french cuisine. Continuing with this tradition, the airline has teamed up with a pair of Michelin-starred chefs to offer a new menu for its first and business class passengers. Unveiled on November 11th, these delicious new options will be available this month through to February 2022. Let’s find out what the airline has to offer.

First and business class passengers flying long-haul will get to experience these new meals. Photo: Air France

Michelin-star dining at 35,000 feet

While many might complain about airplane food, not all meals are made the same. Air France is undoubtedly hoping that its La Première (first class) and business class passengers will realize this with the offering of new menus for its long-haul flights departing from Paris Charles de Gaulle.

For meals served between November 2021 and February 2022, the carrier is offering something quite special, teaming up with a pair of talented French Michelin-starred chefs for a new menu. Chefs Régis Marcon and Mathieu Viannay have been tasked with creating meals for long-haul passengers in two of Air France’s most premium classes.

Meals include vegetarian options but also include dishes with meat, poultry, and fish. “With these exceptional new dishes, Air France continues to promote French fine dining throughout the world,” the airline said in a statement.

Mathieu Viannay - Nage de dos de cabillaud aux petits légumes et olives Taggiasca-2 ©Air France
Shown here is a poached cod fillet with baby vegetables and taggiasca olives by chef Mathieu Viannay.  Photo: Air France

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Three Michelin-star dining in first class

Putting its best foot forward, Air France tasked three Michelin-starred chef Régis Marcon with preparing six new tasty dishes for its La Première. “Accompanied by the expertise of the Servair Culinary Studio, of which he is president, Régis Marcon revisits the seasonal products that are close to his heart.”

Below are the dishes, described in mouth-watering detail:

Vegetable lasagna, with tangy chive cream;Braised veal shank, sage sauce, potato gratin with porcini mushrooms;Beef tenderloin in red wine, sautéed potato, and morel cake;Pike and shrimp cake with lobster sauce, sautéed girolle mushrooms with tarragon, spinach;Mixed scallops and scampi with truffles, reduced jus and julienne vegetables;Confit pigeon, apricot sauce, lemon bulgur, mushrooms, and butternut.
Régis Marcon
The confit pigeon, apricot sauce, lemon bulgur, mushrooms and butternut by chef Régis Marcon Photo: Air France

Two Michelin stars in business

Arguably just as tasty as first class, depending on personal preferences, eight original dishes are being offered in business class. Air France has “entrusted” its menu to two Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Viannay, who has combined “delicate flavors and local produce to be enjoyed on board.”

The eight options are as follows:

Penne pasta, arugula and spinach gratin, ricotta cream with lovage;Risotto verde, vegetable Bolognese;Beef tenderloin, macaire potato patties, roasted beet, and smoked meat juices;Poultry fillet with morel mushrooms, spelt, and butternut squash risotto;Poached cod fillet with baby vegetables and taggiasca olives;Pike perch fillet, armorican sauce, yellow carrots, and herb semolina;Braised veal shank with sweet spices, split pea puree, mange tout, and hazelnuts;Roasted guinea fowl in coffee, celery confit, and stewed autumn vegetables.
Mathieu Viannay - Pintade rôtie, jus au café, céleri confit, fricassée d'automne-2 ©Air France
Roasted guinea fowl in coffee, celery confit, and stewed autumn vegetables. Photo: Air France
Mathieu Viannay - Risotto verde, bolognaise de légumes 1 ©Air France
Risotto verde, vegetable Bolognese by chef Mathieu Viannay. Photo: Air France

Considering the fact that Air France has laid on a whole slew of additional flights to the US this winter, these menus are perfect for Europeans traveling on Air France’s services across the Atlantic, or for Americans returning from Europe.

What’s the best inflight meal you’ve ever had? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment.

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