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A Diverse Classic Fleet: What Planes Does Everts Air Cargo Operate?

The US state of Alaska is well known for being something of a hub when it comes to air cargo. For example, its largest airport, Ted Stevens Anchorage International (ANC), is the fourth-busiest in the world in terms of cargo traffic. Elsewhere in the state, Everts Air Cargo flies a diverse fleet of old and fascinating aircraft. But which planes are these exactly?

Everts Air Cargo’s Douglas DC-6s date back to the 1950s. Photo: Nathan Coats via Wikimedia Commons

Everts Air Cargo in a nutshell

Let’s start by establishing the nature of Everts Air Cargo as a carrier. Founded in 1993 as Air Cargo Express, reports that Everts Air Cargo took on its current identity in 2002. A carrier bearing the Everts name had already come into existence in 1980. Known as Everts Air Fuel, this carrier specialized in the transportation of hazardous goods.

Everts Air Cargo’s main base is central/eastern Alaska’s Fairbanks International (FAI). Fairbanks holds the unlikely title of being the smallest US city with non-stop international passenger flights. These are operated seasonally by Condor (Frankfurt, Germany) and Air North (Dawson City, Canada). Everts Air Cargo also has a presence in Anchorage.

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Everts Air Cargo DC-9
Everts Air Cargo’s DC-9s have more than 50 years of service behind them. Photo: BriYYZ via Flickr

Vintage propeller-powered planes

Everts Air Cargo prides itself not only on high service standards, but also the diverse and classic fleet of aircraft that it uses to transport cargo both within Alaska and further afield. Indeed, the airline’s slogan is none other than “Legendary aircraft. Extraordinary service.”

Among these legendary aircraft are a good number of vintage propeller aircraft. This cohort includes 12 examples of the Douglas DC-6 across all variants, according to data from Of these, six remain active today. The oldest active example is N251CE, which was built 67 years ago in 1954. Everts Air Cargo has operated it since 1996.

Another classic propeller-powered design in the Everts Air Cargo flight is the Curtiss C-46 ‘Commando.’ Evert’s Air Cargo presently operates just one of these twin-engined taildraggers, although its all-time total of C-46s is four. Registered as N54514, it is 76 years old, having been built in 1945. It used to fly for the US and Japanese militaries.

Everts Air Cargo Curtiss C-46
Everts Air Cargo’s oldest plane is a 1945 Curtiss C-46. Photo: Frank Kovalcheck via Wikimedia Commons

Classic rear-engined jets

A selection of classic jet-powered aircraft also further enhances the diversity of the Everts Air Cargo fleet. The oldest of these belong to McDonnell Douglas’s rear-engined DC-9 family. Data from shows that Everts Air Cargo presently has four DC-9s in its fleet, with an average age of 52 years old. Historically, it has operated a further five DC-9s.

Comparatively young are Everts Air Cargo’s McDonnell Douglas MD-82s and 83s. The MD-80 series was a development of the DC-9, and Everts Air Cargo has seven in its fleet, of which five are active. They have an average age of ‘just’ 29.8 years old.

Data from shows that these are the most active, but the C-46 and DC-6 are still going strong as well! These classics generally operate one or two flights a day.

Did you know about Everts Air Cargo’s fascinating fleet? Do you have a particular favorite plane among its various classic aircraft? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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