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A Boeing 707 For $2,500? Keyna To Auction 73 Abandoned Planes

In just a few weeks, Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) will be auctioning off a long list of aircraft that have been abandoned at four of its airports. The list of aircraft types is long and diverse, ranging from the Russian An-24 to the classic 737-200. There’s even a 707-300! All of these aircraft have some seriously, seriously, low starting bid prices. Let’s see what you could get for less than the price of a beat-up used car.

While not the exact 707 up for sale shown here- the Safari Airlines 707-321 being sold had suffered a landing gear collapse in Mombasa in 2009. Written off due to the damage, the jet has been at the airport ever since. Photo: via Wikimedia Commons 

Over 70 aircraft to be auctioned off

According to ch-aviation, the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) is hoping to sell some 73 derelict aircraft that have been abandoned at various Kenyan airports. Aircraft can be viewed in advance of the auction dates, between now and November 16th, with auction dates and times (all local) as follows:

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta: 10:00 on November 17thNairobi Wilson: 14:30 on November 17thMombasa: 10:00 on November 19thLokichoggio: 10:00 on November 22nd.

In August 2020, KAA had contacted the owners of the abandoned aircraft to settle accounts and request the removal of their plane. Along with this came the warning that their assets could be auctioned off.

The list of over 70 aircraft is incredibly diverse- and something we will include in full ((with pricing) at the end of this article. Considering the original value of each aircraft and the amount of financing needed to operate an aircraft, we can imagine that each and every plane has an interesting story to explain why it was abandoned.

Kenyan airport aircraft auction
The starting bid prices are likely less than the cost of traveling to Kenya to see these planes. Two airports are in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi, with the other two on either corner of the country. Photo:

“All interested purchasers are requested to view the items as per the dates and verify their respective details as these are not warranted by neither the auctioneer nor KAA as the items are being offered for sale ‘as is-where-is’” -KAA via Business Daily Africa

707-300 starting at $2,497

In terms of interesting stories, let’s pick a few aircraft at random and look at their stories.

In the case of our ‘featured’ Boeing 707, this 54-year-old quadjet registered J5-GGU sustained substantial damage to its undercarriage when landing in Mombasa. Operated by Safari Airlines, The Aviation Safety Network notes that the aircraft’s undercarriage contacted landing lights while on final approach to the runway in 2009. Despite a safe landing, the jet’s right-hand main gear collapsed as it taxied to the apron. The 707 has been stored at Mombasa ever since and will have a starting price of just under $2,500.

In the case of the 737-200 registered EY-534, Jubba Airways had operated the 35-year-old aircraft until it was eventually left at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO). The jet appears to have flown with Afghanistan’s Kam Air in 2007 before moving to Tajikistan’s East Air in 2008. Data from indicates that the jet was withdrawn from use and stored at NBO in 2012. This aircraft will have a starting bid price of $3,655.10.

Also at NBO are two An-24s previously operated by the Somali Air Force. Despite research efforts by Garowe Online, it is unclear why the two aircraft have been sitting in Kenya. However, the Somali media outlet notes that Somalia has not had combat-capable armed forces since 1991 due to years of civil war. The country relies on assistance from the African Union and US Africa Command for its aerial surveillance needs.

Some people flying in and out of Nairobi have managed to snap photos of the stored aircraft during their travels. Photo: Andrew Thomas via Wikimedia Commons 

uction price will be a fraction of the final cost

ch-aviation notes that interested buyers are required to pay a deposit of 100,000 Kenyan shillings per item. This is equivalent to approximately $900.

If the bid price is lower than the deposit amount, the bidder will be refunded the difference upon presentation of the receipt. However, if the bid price is higher than the deposit, the bidder will need to pay at least 25% of the total value, with the remainder to be paid within 24 hours. If payment cannot be made, the sale will be canceled and the deposit forfeited. This process will then continue with the item’s second-highest bidder.

Of course, the cost of officially owning the aircraft might end up being a fraction of what you’ll actually pay to take possession of your new purchase. Indeed, transportation of inoperable aircraft or restoration to serviceable condition is all but certain to cost much, much more.

The situation sounds even more challenging when considering the fact that auction winners have seven days from the date of the auction to remove the aircraft. Failing this, KAA will impose a storage charge of 10,000 Kenyan shillings- or $90 per day. Items not collected within two weeks will be forfeited.

We could not find evidence of an online auction site, which may indicate that participants must attend in person.

Some of the aircraft may be of more interest to scrap-metal dealers than airline operators Photo: Andrew Thomas via Wikimedia Commons 

The list of aircraft

Without further delay, here is the complete list of aircraft up for auction as provided by KES refers to the amount in Kenyan shillings with the approximate US dollar equivalent beside it in brackets.

At Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta:

An-24; 3C-ZZA – Somali Air Force – KES73,000 ($655.91);An-24; 8204 – Somali Air Force – KES73,000 ($655.91);CRJ200; No Registration – JetLink Express (J0, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) – KES69,175 ($621.54);F28-4000; 5Y-JLA – Jetlink Express – KES187,800 ($1,687.39);DC-8-63(F); 4R-EXJ – AeroSpace Consortium (AKQ, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) – KES406,800 ($3,655.10);DC-9-10; 5Y-XXA – EastAfrican (B5, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) (formerly Fly SAX (B5, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) – KES111,500 ($1,001.83);BAe 748; 5Y-TCO – 748 Air Services (FE, Nairobi Wilson) – KES181,650 ($1,632.13);L1011-100; TZ-MHI – Askari Aviation (AAS, Islamabad Quaid-e-Azam Int’l) – KES1,669,500 ($15,000.46);F50; 5Y-SIB – Skyward Express (OW, Nairobi Wilson) – KES62,600 ($562.47);DC-9-10; 5Y-SAN – Astral Aviation (8V, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) – KES334,500 ($3,005.49);B737-200; 5Y-KQJ – Aerospace Consortium – KES406,800 ($3,655.10);B737-200; 5Y-KQK – Aerospace Consortium – KES406,800 ($3,655.10);B737-200; EY-534 – Jubba Airways – KES406,800 ($3,655.10);B737-200; 5Y-BXZ – Jubba Airways (Kenya) (3J, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) – KES406,800 ($3,655.10);DC-9-10; 5Y-XXB – EastAfrican/Fly SAX – KES111,500 ($1,001.83);Rolls-Royce; Aircraft Engine – Unknown – KES1,000,000 ($8,985).

At Nairobi Wilson:

Cessna 206 Super Skywagon; 5Y-AAG – Ocean Wonders – KES10,500,000 ($94,342.50);Piper (twin piston) PA-31-350; 5Y-ATJ – Bogol Air Services Limited – KES6,800 ($61.10);Fokker 27; 5Y-BTD – Pan Africa Airways – KES62,600 ($562.47);Cessna (twin piston) 402A; 5Y-BBV – Kenya Police Airwing (KPAW) – KES6,800 ($61.10;Cessna 310R II; 5Y-KPF – KPAW – KES6,465 ($58.09);Cessna 310R; 5Y-PAW – KPAW – KES6,465 ($58.09);Cessna 310R; 5Y-PAZ – KPAW – KES175,000 ($1,572.38);Cessna 310R; 5Y-PAW – KPAW – KES6,465 ($58.09);PA-34-200T; 5H-NKB – Care AV – KES6,800 ($61.10);PA-31-252; 5Y-MAP – Photomap Kenya Ltd – KES6,250,000 ($56,156.25);Cessna 172P; 5Y-CEE – VAS – KES10,500,000 ($94,342.50);Cessna A152 Aerobat; 5Y-NNB – Ninety Nines Flying School/West Rift – KES6,500,000 ($58,402.50);Fokker 50; 5Y-GIG – Bushair Safaris (Nairobi Wilson) – KES62,600 ($562.47);Beechcraft King Air 200C; 5Y-EKO – Queens Cross – KES20,050 ($180.15);BN-2 Islander; 5Y-JON – Priscilla Ransley – KES8,190 ($73.59);Beech (twin piston) B58 E55; 5Y-APO – Aviall Ltd – KES8,990 ($80.78);PA-31-310; 5Y-ARW – Rivercross Air Services – KES6,800 ($61.10);Beech 1900D; ET-ANE – Executive Turbine – KES20,000 ($179.70);Cessna 402B; 5Y-UTD – General Leasing Services – KES9,160 ($82.31);BN-2 Islander; 5Y-BBB – Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa (DLCO-EA) – KES9,330 ($83.84);CRJ100ER; 5Y-CCT – EastAfrican/Fly SAX – KES69,175 ($621.54);PA-31-350; 5Y-ROH – Transworld Safaris (Nairobi Wilson) – KES6,800 ($61.10);DHC-7-100; 5Y-BPD – AirKenya (P2, Nairobi Wilson) – KES62,800 ($564.26);Beechcraft 58; 5X-AGL – VAS – KES11,415 ($102.57);Fokker 27; 5X-FFN – Fly540 – KES62,600 ($562.47);Beechcraft C90 King Air; N318F – Ol Donyo Laro Aviation Ltd – KES20,000 ($179.70);CRJ100ER; 5Y-BXD – Avmax Holdings – KES69,175 ($621.54);CRJ100ER; 5Y-CCL – Avmax Holdings – KES7,500 ($67.39);Cessna 172; 5Y-COW – Sicham – KES10,500,000 ($94,342.50);Fokker 50; 5Y-MIS – Silverstone Air Services (SLR, Nairobi Wilson) – KES62,600 ($562.47);DC-9-10; 5Y-SAX – EastAfrican/Fly SAX – KES111,500 ($1,001.83);BE-76 Duchess; 5Y-YYL – Standards Aviation Flying School – KES6,800 ($61.10);PA-46-350P; 5Y-MIR – Kundan Singh – KES25,000,000 ($224,625);Beech C90 King Air; 9A-SIB/5Y-SNS – Air Pannonia (Osijek) – KES22,500,000 ($202,162.50);BAe 748; S2-ADL – Planes for Africa (Nairobi Wilson) – KES5,000 ($44.93).

At Mombasa:

DC3; ZK-BBJ – Morris Catering – KES38,250 ($343.68);Highlander; 5Y-UA – Unknown – KES5,000 ($44.93);PA-23; 5H-GHC – S.H Noor – KES6,800 ($61.10);B707-300(C); J5-GGU – Adelante Airlines – KES277,945 ($2,497.34);Let 410; 5Y-ENT – Eagle Aviation (Kenya) (Y4, Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta) – KES20,750 ($186.44);Cessna 404; 5Y-PAC – Prestige Aviation – KES12,890 ($115.82);Let 410; 5Y-GNT – Eagle Aviation – KES20,750 ($186.44).

At Lokichoggio:

An-28A; S9-PSV – Goliaf Air (GLE, São Tome) – KES19,500 ($175.21);DC-6; 5Y-BRP – Kate Freight & Travel Limited – KES52,007.50 ($467.29);Lockheed Hercules L-100-30 – S9-BAS – Transafrik International (TFK, Luanda) – KES88,150 ($792.03);DC-3; 5Y-BMB – Skyways Kenya (Nairobi Wilson) – KES38,250 ($343.68);Let-410; 9L-LBL – KES20,750 ($186.44);An-26; 9L-LFL – KES75,100 ($674.78);Let-410; 9L-LCT – KES20,750 ($186.44);An-28; 9XR-SR – KES19,500 ($175.21);An-28; 9L-LFN – 748 Air Services – KES19,500 ($175.21);An-12; 9L-LFQ – KES140,000 ($1,257.90).

What do you think of this auction? Given the cost of restoration, or disassembly and transportation, will there be enough interested buyers? Let us know how you think this event will go by leaving a comment.

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